Free Roaming Feline Program

No-Kill Foster-Based Feline Rescue Group, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

We love cats.  Especially those we call Free Roamers...they come in all sizes and colors, and from a variety of situations.  They have all 'walked on the wild side' and through no fault of their own have ended up homeless.  They all need care and assistance.  

Our passion for felines is pretty obvious to those we meet at events but our statistics speak for themselves… we rescue, we heal, and we find loving homes for homeless cats and kittens in northeast Wisconsin. Since 2008 we have sterilized, sometimes relocated, and often rehomed more than 1,000 stray and feral felines.

The felines we rescue are abandoned, often mistreated or neglected, and sometimes in need of immediate medical attention. Taken in by Free Roamer volunteers, every feline is provided with medical care if needed and placed in a loving foster home until we can find just the right forever home, no matter how long it takes.

We hope you’ll support our organization...adopt, volunteer, or donate if it feels right to do so.